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  • Finalists 2021

    Finalists 2021

    Finalists of the International Youth Film Festival «Light to the World »

    Category» Youth » 69 films

    Nomination » Feature film Russia»
    1. The film «JACK AND CHAN», Russia
    2. The film «On the way to Stockholm», Russia, St. Petersburg
    3. film «Pas De Deux», Russia, St. Petersburg
    4. The film «About A Very Lucky Hero of Russia», Russia, Moscow
    5. The film «One day we will all be happy», Russia, Moscow
    6. The film «Towards the Dream», Russia, Krasnoyarsk
    7. The film «Petition 1001», Russia
    8. The film «Hold me», Russia
    9. The film «Forgive me, Dog», Russia
    10. The film «At the height», Russia
    11. The film » Here I lived and worked…», Russia
    12. film «Feed the cat or: how I learned to stop worrying and love Donald Trump», Russia

    Nomination » Foreign feature film»
    1. The film «My first fifteen», Spain
    2. The film «Portrait», France
    3. The film «Waiting», China
    4. The film «Waltz of Time», Spain
    5. The film «Not What You Are», Germany
    6. The film «Rare Birds», India
    7. The film «Before Dark», Iran, Islamic Republic of
    8. film «Light of Illumination», Belarus, Minsk
    9. The film «The clock stopped at seven-fifteen», Syria
    10. The film «Five Pounds», Egypt
    Nomination » Non-fiction film»
    1. Film «Feel India», Republic of Moldova
    2. The film «Life before and after», Russia, Moscow
    3. The film «What will happen tomorrow», Russia, Moscow
    4. The film «Were-were not», Russia, Arkhangelsk
    5. The film «Father and Son Simonovs», Russia, Chelyabinsk
    6. The film «#Home » Russia, St. Petersburg
    7. The film «Dead season», Russia, Yekaterinburg, «Film Company».»»
    8. The film «Houtskari», Russia, St. Petersburg
    9. film «Three ages of women», Russia, Chelyabinsk
    10. film «Waiting Room», Russia, St. Petersburg
    11. The film «Behind the Front line», Russia
    12. Film «Life as a flash», Russia, St. Petersburg

    Nomination » TV program, reportage»
    1. «Metallurg» — a film from the documentary action series «From the first person», Russia, Moscow
    2. «Fedor Popov» — a film from the documentary series «Common Victory», Russia, Moscow
    3. «Autumn is hot», Russia, St. Petersburg
    4. Cycle «Memories of Victory», Russia, Moscow
    5. Cycle «All in the garden», Russia, Moscow

    Animation category»
    1. Cartoon «Rotation», Iran, Islamic Republic of
    2. Cartoon «Rogue», Iran, Islamic Republic of
    3. Cartoon «Stars in the Rain», Iran, Islamic Republic of
    4. cartoon «Pozolli», Mexico
    5. cartoon «Kuma and the Beasts», Argentina
    6. Cartoon «Picture by Numbers», Australia
    7. cartoon «Umbrella», Ukraine, Dnipro
    8. cartoon «Mother’s Helper», Russia
    9. cartoon «Begomania», Russia, Yekaterinburg
    10. cartoon «Nadezhda», Russia, Volzhsky, Volgograd region
    11. cartoon «Zhadina», Russia, St. Petersburg

    12. cartoon «Alaska», Russia, Yekaterinburg

    13. cartoon «True and false», Russia, Yekaterinburg



    Nomination » Social video»
    1. «Birds», Iran, Islamic Republic of
    2. «Fresh Milk», Turkey
    3. «Paper Boat», Italy
    4. «Hockey without Borders», Russia, Moscow
    5. «Thank you», Russia, Krasnoyarsk

    Nomination » Video Clip»
    1. «Nobody», UK, University of Teesside
    2. «Traveler», USA
    3. Farrash ,Iran, Islamic Republic of
    4. «Air», Kazakhstan

    Nomination «Light to the World»
    1. feature film «The Miracle of Arepa», Colombia
    2. feature film «The Secret of the Mountain», Russia, Ulyanovsk
    3. feature film «Quarter of a Century» Russia, Tobolsk, Tyumen region
    4. non-fiction film «Felix», Russia, Moscow
    5. Non-fiction film «High-flying Area», Russia, St. Petersburg
    6. Non-fiction film «Nagaybak Cross», Russia, St. Petersburg
    7. Non-fiction film «Empty Pages», St. Petersburg, Russia
    8. Non-fiction film «The Word about Igor’s Regiment», Russia
    9. cartoon «Behind the star of Christmas», Russia, Saint Petersburg

    Non-competitive program 5 films
    1. feature film «The Lower Floor», Iran
    2. feature film «Teach», Russia, Moscow
    3. feature film «Portnoy», Russia, Moscow
    4. Non-fiction film «The Commander», Russia
    5. Non-fiction film «When the Snow melts», Russia


    Category «Adults-for children» 46 films

    Nomination «Feature film in Russian»
    1. The film «The Lizard will return», Russia, Yekaterinburg
    2. The film «Fighting fish», Russia, Agency » Eastwood»
    3. The film «Kraski», Russia, Moscow region.
    4. the film «Railway», Russia, Moscow
    5. The film «Just something just», Russia
    6. The film «Beware, children!», Russia, St. Petersburg
    7. The film «Black Lady», Russia, Moscow
    8. film «Club of Science Fiction Lovers», Milkovo, Russia
    9. The film «The Kingdom of superfluous Words», Russian Federation, Chuvash Republic
    10. the film «Target», Belarus

    Nomination » Foreign feature film»
    1. The film «Antonio», Argentina
    2. The film «Hello, Africa», Turkey
    3. The film «In your Dreams», Turkey
    4. The film «Father», Bulgaria
    5. The film «Pralhad», India
    6. The film «Good Night», Ghana
    7. the film «Sledge», Uzbekistan, » Uzbekkino»
    8. film «Under the Stork’s Nest», Armenia and Russia «Eastwood Agency»
    9. film «Northern», Spain
    10. The film «Inspiration», Spain

    Nomination » Non-fiction film»
    1. The film «Small Steps», Philippines
    2. The film «Days pass», Spain
    3. The film «Eating an Elephant», Russia, » Eastwood Agency»
    4. the film » Cyril. Window to the World», Russia
    5. The film «Volunteer», Russia, Moscow
    6. film «A tale about how Savva and Nastya were looking for happiness», Russia, Multi Media Production Center»
    7. The film «In one team», Russia, Rybinsk-Moscow
    8. the film «Partisan Vasil», Russia, Yekaterinburg
    9. film «Painted Happiness», Russia, Tyumen
    10. film «This dog, dog’s life», Russia
    Animation category»
    1. cartoon «Galchonok», Russia
    2. cartoon «Lumen», Brazil
    3. Al Tabbab cartoon, Qatar
    4. Azrar cartoon, Jordan
    5. cartoon «Gift», Russia
    6. cartoon «Little Snowman», Russia, Soyuzmultfilm
    7. cartoon «Journey to the other side of the dream», Russia, St. Petersburg
    8. cartoon «Kiki Pero», France
    9. cartoon «Arctic tales», Russia, Yekaterinburg

    Nomination » Social video»
    1. «Cyber Player», Italy
    2. «Good», India
    3. «Visit», Iran, Islamic Republic of
    4. » Why?», Angola
    5. «Ethnopark» Land of Ancestors»: life during quarantine», Russia, Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk region
    6. «World for All», Russia, St. Petersburg
    7. «Children Are Stronger Than Us», Russia

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